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Take a Number CLUB REMIX is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

Freak Show is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

I’m a Catch is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

Take A Number REMIX is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

Gucci Down to my Socks is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

Take-A-Number is OUT now! 💎 On all platforms! 

Giddy up and glamor up! Livvy D. (Olivia Dunbar) is a pop country rapper on the rise. She grew up on an equestrian farm in rural Virginia near the Bull Run Mountains. Boujee, since birth, young Livvy D created her own makeshift fashion shows and choreographed dance routines. Livvy D, an outsider in school, found an outlet with her art and animals. She’s been dancing, rapping, and riding ever since.

Depending on the day, you might find Livvy D in a saddle on her horse ranch in the South, on a shopping spree, chilling at a swank L.A. hotel, or in the studio. She calls horses “powerful and majestic,” — and the same could be said of Livvy D, a badass b*tch with a closet full of tricks. You might see her flaunting Chanel or Tiffany. If it’s shiny, it’s Livvy D.

One of her debut bangers is a nod to the designer life. Another is about what’s closest to her heart— memories of life on the farm and her family. She hopes fans can relate to her struggles and success. And that everyone can dream of fast horses and pink Lamborghinis.


Teresa Dunbar

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